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To orient you to the care at HealthE Coaching I’d like to offer a framework we use to understand the spectrum of health and disease.  I would offer that you must consider it with your own care.  It is a therapeutic order of sorts and will help you understand how and where HealthE Coaching fits in.
But first, to appreciate this therapeutic order I’d like to share the essential beliefs within our field that they develop from.  We stand on the shoulders of giants as this approach has emerged over centuries and has withstood the test of time.  I will concede that the art of it lies in its effective application.
In its correct and artful application you address the therapeutic order, chronologically.  When applied effectively, you can expect that many issues resolve well before later steps are even remotely necessary.
I offer this resource not because it’s ours or we are unique for having this view.  I offer it because our current state of medicine has lost sight of these fundamentals.  Most people no longer have access to its wisdom and too much suffering exists as a result.  Take it, use it, share it.

Basic assumptions about health and disease:

  1. Health is the constant and natural state of being.
  2. Ill health is an adaptive response to disturbance in the organism.  Disease is not an entity unto itself.
  3. Removal of disturbing factors and restoration of the foundations of healing will achieve the potential return to normal health.
  4. Interventions should involve the least force necessary to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms.  Suppression is the last option after all others have been exhausted.

Therapeutic Order

1. Identify and Remove the Causes of Disease

  • Diet and Digestion
    • Appropriate / Sufficient
    • Balance / Function
    • Maternal exposures
    • Supplement for Specific Needs
  • Stress/Stressors
  • Toxicity

    2. Establish a Healthy Regimen

  • Appropriate Diet
  • Stress Moderation
  • Appropriate Exercise
  • Appropriate Rest
  • Water, Air, Sunshine

    3. Stimulate the Self-healing Mechanisms

  • General
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Exercise
  • Specific
    • Homeopathy
    • Acupuncture

    4. Support Weakened or Damaged Systems

  • Nutraceuticals / Botanicals
  • Hydrotherapy / Physiotherapy
  • Specific Exercise
  • Glandulars / Protomorphogens

    5. Correct Structural Integrity

    6. Address Pathology

  • Nutraceuticals / Botanicals

    7. Suppress Pathology

  • Drug Therapy
  • Surgery

 * Spiritual Health – This is not within the realm of our practice but we can’t overlook the research.  Ours is not to argue for or against a spiritual practice or religion but recognize that a belief, a faith, a healthy connection to something greater than ourselves can have profound health benefits while having the fewest, if any, adverse physical effects.



There are what are considered the determinants of health.  The interplay of these factors in your life affect your overall health.  I offer them for your consideration

Determinants of Health

  • At Birth
    • Genetic make-up (genotype)
    • Intrauterine / Congenital
    • Maternal exposures
      • Drugs
      • Toxins
      • Viruses
      • Psycho-emotional
    • Maternal nutrition / lifestyle
    • Constitution – determines susceptibility
  • Disturbances
    • Illnesses: pathobiography
    • Medical interventions (or lack of)
    • Physical and emotional exposures, stresses and trauma
    • Toxic and harmful substances
  • Hygienic factors/lifestyle factors: How we live
    • Environment, lifestyle and psychoemotional/spiritual health
      • Fresh air
      • Exposure to nature
      • Clean water
      • Light, socio-economic factors
      • Culture
      • Rest
      • Exercise
      • Nutrition
      • Unadulterated food
      • Loving and being loved
      • Meaningful work
      • Community
      • Stress (physical, emotional)
      • Trauma (physical/emotional)
      • Medical interventions


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