When I Have Monkey Brains…

When I Have Monkey Brains…

If you’ll indulge me today, I want to take you on a trip through my brain.  I have a purpose in mind and I think you might be able to relate.

So this was my weekend:

I was ending a busy week and starting to pack up for our trip to Charlotte NC. My oldest is on a traveling soccer team, so our weekends frequently consist of bustling the family around SC and NC.  As I was rushing around the house, trying to close up our work week and prep for the weekend… “there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day”… my husband looked at me and said, “why don’t I take the girls to Charlotte and you stay here for the weekend and relax?”

My initial thought was – ah that is so sweet, that could be great… quickly followed by – no way, are you kidding?  Looking at him, it was clear he wasn’t kidding at all.  And, why should he be?  It’s a fairly normal consideration but at that moment in my head, it just seemed so unreasonable.  By now you know I’m prone towards anxious thinking… so the thoughts were pouring in.  My girls NEED me… won’t I be a “bad mom”… it’s too much to ask of my husband… what if something happens… I need to be there… and then of course, how could my family have any fun without me?

My brain was moving fast.  It’s okay to think I’m a bit silly but my mind can weigh the smallest decisions with the gravity and intensity justified for the most momentous of occasions.  Last week we were at TEDx Charleston (I HIGHLY recommend) and one of the speakers cleverly portrayed the mind like a monkey.  He was trying to convey why it’s so difficult to control.  He went on to clarify that it’s not just any monkey but a drunk monkey… a drunk monkey who has been stung by a scorpion.  That about sums up my mind as I weighed this simple gesture from my husband as if it were a MAJOR life decision.

Once I started to really consider a weekend by myself (!), I began to think of all the positives. Our book is ready for editing, I just need some time for a few additions.  I can get that done.  I have 2 patients waiting on their genetic nutrition plans.  I could get that done.  I need to pack up all of our winter clothes and get the spring ones out.  Oh and I have been meaning to re-arrange the kitchen forever.  Ok, this could work out really well.

Of course I would miss them, but I started to feel excited.  Traveling stresses me out and now I could knock out my to-do list!  Kisses and hugs to everyone as they drove away and then it dawned on me.  When in the 11 years since my oldest was born have I had and entire weekend all to myself?  And what exciting plans have I made… working and cleaning.  While I love working… cleaning not so much… they’re both things I do every single day.  Blerrgh… I needed better plans for the weekend…. Hit Baseline!

Finding Baseline is one of 10 essential focus points of the Metabolic Cleanse.  Baseline is that natural state where we feel “in the moment” and at peace.  It’s a place of contentment, clarity, even creativity.  So many of us have forgotten what baseline is, or feels like.  Perhaps some have never even enjoyed the sensation.

So as I explained, Baseline is a foundational component of the Metabolic Cleanse.  This is the program we created and have been hosting seasonally for the past 9 years yet here I was completely aloof to how badly I needed it.

So, I am happy to say, I let my family go on the trip without me and…

I did yoga
I took epsom salt baths
I got in the infrared sauna
I took our dog Koda for long walks
I used my Cranial Electrical Stim device with meditation (not just while working on the computer as I usually do)
I chatted on the phone with my mom for…ever
I made amazing meals for myself… just what I wanted, just for me
I tried to free myself from agendas and focused on me and the moments

Admittedly, I cleaned and worked a bit, too… but it was so different.

This email was all about me but I want it to be about you.  You see, I’ve personally done the cleanse at least twice a year and I still have to remind myself of the “basics”.  We consider Baseline a “basic” not for its simplicity but for its essential involvement in beautiful health.  With all the advances in medicine and diagnostics, we often lose sight of the “basics” in pursuit of more exciting or complex modalities or explanations.  If you’re not hitting baseline near daily, you’re missing out.  As with a lighthouse, it is a strong foundation that lets it endure whatever life throws at it.

“Busy” seems to be a mantra or badge of worth for so many of us these days.  Be sure YOU don’t get lost in it the way I almost did.

Consider joining us for our Spring Cleanse.  Eat Clean, find your baseline and discover the other “Basics” that you can’t thrive without.

Take care of you.

Oh and by the way, I want to thank Dr. Stock for a restful weekend.  You are amazing!

Secure your spot for our local event starting April 29th, 2015 at 6PM or you can join us online/anytime.



photo credit: 野毛山動物園のアカエリマキキツネザル (Red Ruffed Lemur of Nogeyama Zoo) via photopin (license)

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