Why I Stopped Going to the Gym

Why I Stopped Going to the Gym

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I guess wisdom would dictate that since I’m a health and wellness professional, I probably shouldn’t broadcast that I stopped exercising and I’m proud of it… but I did and I am, so here goes!

I want to share a story with you that I feel many of us need to learn from.  I certainly did.

You might say I’m one of those lucky people who loves to exercise… actually I need to exercise, when I don’t, I just don’t feel like myself.  For close to a year I have been working out at Long Training Studios and really loving it.  The high intensity burst classes are great and they’re always changing it up.

But now, it’s has been over 4 weeks since I stepped foot in the gym.  Why?  Because I have to practice what I preach and in this case it requires that I listen to my body.  Over the years I have asked my patients so many times to slow down, stop working out so intensely, stop calorie counting and simply rest.  Be still.  For my high energy folks who love intensity and “do it all”, including exercise, this is a hard pill to swallow.  For them, when they have trouble losing weight or they’re feeling stressed and run down, they tend to push harder.

But I feel so strongly about the consequences of our high stress, “get it done… and fast” lifestyles that I dedicated a whole week in our newest program, Add:Delete_Shift, on how to exercise, how to rest and how to use rest to magnify your exercise.  Surprisingly, rest is perhaps the most important part of any exercise program and few of us are actually doing it right.

So here I am… the typical female go-getter, running my own practice, taking care of patients, my kids, my husband, making sure we eat healthy home-cooked meals and trying to keep the house clean (just kidding, the house is never clean. I have to slack somewhere).  And I had been hitting the gym at least 5 days per week.  However, I noticed my heart rate was elevated and my muscles were sore for days after exercising.  I felt run down and anxious.  In my twenties, I would have taken some natural anti-inflammatories, vitamin C and magnesium and pushed through.  But now, I stop.

I realize my body is asking for something different.  I stopped working out, stopped drinking caffeine and started gentle yoga and daily walking.  Since I recognize the signs of adrenal fatigue, I had my salivary cortisol levels measured with an Adrenal Stress Index and started some focused adrenal support.

They always say the shoemaker’s kids go without shoes and while I try to practice what I preach, the Stop part has always been very tough for me.  As many of you can relate, it feels good to stay busy and ride the adrenaline high, until it no longer works for you.  I am proud to say I am taking my own advice and resting!

I hope to be well-rested and back at Tracie’s soon – when my body and mind are ready!

~Dr. Sherri


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