Why Natural Medicine Does NOT Work!

Why Natural Medicine Does NOT Work!

I hear this from time to time, someone will say “natural medicine doesn’t work for me.”  Oftentimes, in a way, they’re right…

Many people experience natural medicine by going to a health food store and buying something off the shelf.  They’re usually guessing (even if it’s somewhat educated) at what they need and relying on the label to tell them the dosage.  

A common example is with Vitamin C and colds.   Occasionally, I hear someone say they get their Vitamin C with orange juice (I’ll save this for another post, but it’s quite possibly the exact opposite of what you need when you are sick).  But usually, they say they’re taking a capsule or 2 of vitamin c or drinking a powder of sorts… so maybe 1,000-2,000 mg.   Altogether, this is entirely too small of a dosage if you want to get over your developing cold.  And, almost assuredly, their Vitamin C is extracted from corn which is another no-no (Again, this deserves its own post).   Quite reasonably this person might come away thinking, “natural medicine doesn’t work!”  

Homeopathics are another great example.  When you grab a blend of homeopathics made for the masses, chances are it will only work for a small percentage of people.  Homeopathy is very individualized.  The “one size fits all” approach usually does not work, particularly with homeopathy.  Again, this person may walk away thinking… natural medicine does not work for me.  

Absorption is another reason people do not get benefits from their supplements.  I won’t mention any brands, but there is one VERY popular, highly marketed vitamin.  It is well known in the medical field as a poor quality, poorly absorbed vitamin that nurses often refer to as “bed pan bullets.”  Yes, they come out the other end completely intact.  Nothing has been absorbed.  Chiropractors will report frequently seeing these vitamins on x-rays, again completely intact.  Avoid highly marketed, cheap, over-the-counter vitamins.  Do not be fooled by marketing and do not be fooled by a “deal.”  

Like good quality food, you have to pay for good quality nutrients, if you want to experience the benefits from them.  

Natural medicine works when you know what to take, how to take it and when you choose the right supplements for your body.  Be clear with which nutrients you need and at what dosages.

Do your research and always remember, food first, digestion second, nutrients next!

Please take care of yourself.

~Dr. Sherri

photo credit: Neeta Lind via photopin cc

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