Why Summer is the Easy (and Smart) time to Detox.

Why Summer is the Easy (and Smart) time to Detox.

So, I’m back from my vacation and actually, really eager to get back to the office.  Thank you for letting me go… I needed it.

As much as I love being away, I have to admit, I get thrown out of balance a bit. While my vacation was fun and very relaxing (no phone or email), it took its own toll on my health and energy… the travel was a little stressful, my exercise routine is completely off, a few too many Sea Breeze cocktails by the pool and I have spent the last 10 days eating foods in the category and quantity only vacation allows!

For many of us, our entire Summer feels like this – just plain out of balance.  Between the kids out of school, some travel (when it is close to impossible to have a clean diet), lots of Summer cookouts, too many Summer cocktails and yes, at the end of the day we spend the Summer in a bathing suit… not an awesome combination, really.

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Luckily, I have you all to keep me on track.  I have to walk the talk, so I am getting back on track with my SummerCleanse and thankfully, Summer is the easiest time to cleanse !  I want to keep you on track too, so…

Here’s why Summer is the EASY time to detox? 

1. Heat: It’s HOT outside and since our major organ of elimination is the skin – through our sweat glands, we are naturally releasing more toxins this time of year. No need to induce sweating, it comes naturally, especially if you live in the south… 🙂

2. Smoothies: a clean, easy and nutrient-dense powerhouse – a staple on the cleanse. We have our daily nutrient-packed smoothie, which is light, tastes great, prevents sugar cravings and keeps you going.   Summer is the ideal time to indulge in healthful smoothies– light, cool and refreshing!

3. Fresh produce; Since our cleanse is food-based, you eat a wide variety of foods. (I don’t believe in deprivation diets so you won’t get any of that with me.)  If you have been to the Farmer’s market this year, you can see the wide variety and bountiful colors available to us this time of year.   A carnival of nutrient-rich, fresh, local foods are abundant, even right in your backyard, to nourish and detoxify your body.

4. Beauty: Your outside is a reflection of your inside. While I don’t want to sound vain, we do live in a very aesthetic society and affects our sense of self. I care that you look good in your bathing suit. I care that your skin glows, your nails are strong and your hair is shiny. I care about these things because they are a reflection of your internal state.

When you’re good on the inside, your outside will radiate health and people take notice.  Nothing is sexier than confidence in the skin you’re in… so own it this Summer

5. Bitter Sweet Cold: We utilize a unique form of home hydrotherapy (water therapy) during the cleanse. One way we do this is with a contrast shower. This is an alternating hot/cold shower– full body (sounds awful at first but it’s quickly becomes a favorite). During the Summer it’s perfect– the water does not get overly cold and the cold is deeply refreshing. (You can imagine my Winter Cleanse people get a bit of a shock the first time.)

This method of a full body flush has been around for centuries as a healing modality. The contrast in water temperature strengthens the vessels, reduces inflammation, promotes the release of toxins and is a “secret” beauty regimen for tightening, toning and rejuvenating skin.  

*I think it is partly responsible for all the beautiful, toned skin (and its confident display) I saw on my vacation to the French side of St. Martin.  Europeans have been using this Naturopathic modality since the 18th century for beauty and health.  

6. Timing: With all of the Summer cookouts and parties happening July 4th weekend, there is no better time to re-set for the Summer than right after the big celebrations.

These are just a few of the reasons people love the Cleanse… check out what they’re saying on oursuccess stories page.

So, celebrate, relax, enjoy… then join me, locally, starting July 10th for our Summer Cleanse. For those of you out of the area, please join us online!  ( Find out how it works online.)

Our Cleanses can sell out so reserve your spot at our HealthE Naturally Store or find out more at 21DayMetabolicCleanse.com.  

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