Your Kitchen Can Save Your Life!

You might think,  knowing my passion for nutrition and watching some of my cooking videos, I relish every moment in my kitchen. Not so much…like you, I am busy! Mom, wife, business owner…you know how it is.
When I was in the kitchen last night blending baby food and chopping veggies (while on the phone, nursing and sewing a new outfit—-just kidding!) I realized while I do not have the time to shop and prepare fresh, whole foods meals, I am forced to make the time.
Because of my education, I know that spending the extra time in the kitchen is not only the healthy thing to do, it will save my life.
Nothing is more important to me than insuring I stay healthy and vital for my family. And nothing is more important to me than making sure my kids have all of the benefits sound nutrition gives them. I know  the foods I am preparing gives them immune support and helps them build healthy brain cells. Because I want my kids to be physically healthy, smart, emotionally balanced and beautiful (if you haven’t read Deep Nutrition yet- please do- it will give insight into the beautiful part!) and I know nutrition does this for them, I find the time–most days;)
After all, at the end of the day..I am saving time. Saving time by not having sick days, not having to go to the doctor, getting more done b/c I have energy and get the picture!

Here is a great video about about the healing power of nutrition. I hope it motivates you to save your life!

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