Your Perfect Breakfast Options!

Calling this The Perfect Breakfast because last year I compiled a list of what the leading Naturopathic Dr’s in the country are eating for breakfast. If they are choosing these– must be close to a perfect breakfast!

Breakfast Ideas

 Oh, and I think this is an awesome step in the right direction–research about environmental chemicals and their link to childhood disorders like autism and learning disabilities.  


Melissa sent this email to me..

“It must be Fat Loss! Sherri, you have been so amazing! I feel a lot better, not micro managing food as much, just upping the greens and keeping a good amount of protein in. My runs are stronger as are my other workouts.  My time is improving as well. I do get set backs sometimes, whether I ate too much of something or too fast.  The key for me now is to eat slowly to avoid stomach issues.”  


Have a Health-E Day!   

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