Optimizing Your Sleep

Optimizing Your Sleep

I hope everyone is settling into the holiday season and finding joy in the simple things. We have been going through some tough months in the world and the stress and stress related symptoms have been at an all time high for many of us, myself included. Sleep issues are becoming more common and the corresponding symptoms resulting from poor sleep quality like fatigue, anxiety, weight gain and brain fog are affecting quality of life.

Our last 2 Functional Friday videos have focused on Sleep. We addressed trouble falling asleep (sleep onset latency) and trouble staying asleep (insomnia or sleep maintenance issue). For some of you, both videos may apply.

Over the past few months we have been doing more videos and fewer blogs. Dr. Kennedy and I love talking about health and wellness so much, we decided to simply turn the camera on when we want to discuss a topic.

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Drs. Jacobs and Kennedy talk Getting to Sleep, and then Staying Asleep.

Happy holidays to everyone!
Stay healthy and safe.

Drs. Jacobs, Kennedy and the Team at Remedy Wellness

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